Friday, January 6, 2012

Add "screenSize" flag to android:configChanges when targetting API level 13 (Android 3.2) or newer

If you're setting "keyboardHidden|orientation" to android:configChanges in order to prevent activity from restarting itself when the device is rotated, you might be surprised when you find your activity restarts itself when running on Android 3.2 or newer.

The reason is, starting from Android 3.2 (API Level 13), rotated device will also trigger "screenSize" change. From attrs_manifest.xml:

        <!-- The current available screen size has changed.  If applications don't
             target at least {@link android.os.Build.VERSION_CODES#HONEYCOMB_MR2}
             then the activity will always handle this itself (the change
             will not result in a restart).  This represents a change in the
             currently available size, so will change when the user switches
             between landscape and portrait. -->
        <flag name="screenSize" value="0x0400" />

It means, if your android:targetSdkVersion is 13 or more, your application will receive "screenSize" config change. Therefore, to prevent your activity from restarting, add "screenSize". E.g.


Hope this helps you.

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